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Bianka Nascimento


📸Erotic Model 🔞Adult Entertaining 🦄Transgender Proud 📧[email protected]

Aka: Bianca Nascimento
Country: Brazil
Location: Dublin City, Ireland
Date of Birth: 19 February 1985
Place of Birth: São Paulo, Brazil
Ethnicity: Latina
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Penis Size: Medium
Breast Size: Medium
Height: 180 cm (5'10")
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Sometimes I do play dirty slutty when it comes for a visit of my favourite daddy lover today him fucked me like never before 🥰

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Don’t Forget to check it out a new movie and probably one of my very last few jobs in the adult entertainment industry for @Transangelsxxx it’s a funny one ! Hi Brexit how’s ye?

My young country boys want to drink all my honey and seduce me with they sexy underwear what should I do with them? 😎😋💦💦

It’s Friday Bitches and this is my mood right now 😈 Bj Friday 😋😋😋😋

Creamy, sweet & plenty and I know u dying for a taste don’t you ? Have you visited my amazon wishlist buy me a item and will give you my private SC 🥰😘

If a man don’t obey your order like this one did Spit on his face 😎😈🔞

Fan fuck with this hot guy was so much fun, I like to get fucked too sometimes 😇😇😇

Happy Monday with a sloppy BJ guys wishing u a nice naughty Week

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I want say a “BIG THANK YOU” for those followers who always encouraging us to be a better person sending us gift from our wishlist thank you very much and i hope some day before My retirement I get the chance to meet any of you THANK YOU

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Me and @Transangelsxxx are baking something espetacular Guys After feel Atempts it finally happened thanks to @Alex_BlonndXXX for being so incredibly helpful today an unexpected big talented Guy ! Stay tuned more to come along ! 😈😈😈

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Shooting in Barcelona have me all excited guess what’s next ?

Hi Barcelona it’s a beautiful day here for some fresh nice hot morning milk 😍 only until Saturday

Who knows me well knows this is definitely my favourite position I can blow my load in seconds … any takers ? 😈😋

White lingerie and 69 who love this ? Better than I do ? So much fun I’ve had in my premium SC