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Bianka Nascimento


πŸ“ΈErotic Model πŸ”žAdult Entertaining πŸ¦„Transgender Proud πŸ“§[email protected]

Aka: Bianca Nascimento
Country: Brazil
Location: Dublin City, Ireland
Date of Birth: 19 February 1985
Place of Birth: SΓ£o Paulo, Brazil
Ethnicity: Latina
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Penis Size: Medium
Breast Size: Medium
Height: 180 cm (5'10")

Me and @Transangelsxxx are baking something espetacular Guys After feel Atempts it finally happened thanks to @Alex_BlonndXXX for being so incredibly helpful today an unexpected big talented Guy ! Stay tuned more to come along ! 😈😈😈

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Liberty Harkness  9/26/2019

Yay xx

SalmadeNoraFan  9/26/2019


Manuel  9/26/2019


Ryoko Hakubi  9/26/2019

You are so beautiful

paul xaipete  9/27/2019

best wishes my queen for youre shoot

Yu Yao Wei  9/28/2019


jota  9/26/2019


Emma Louise Horner  9/26/2019

Cool darling xx

Junior  9/26/2019