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Bianca Freire


This is my official Twitter account. My name is Bianca Freire, I'm a brazilian model, I want someone who loves me for who I am. xoxo :*

Aka: Marcela Freire, Vianca
Country: Brazil
Location: Brazil
Date of Birth: 29 December 1986
Place of Birth: Campinas
Ethnicity: Latina
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Penis Size: Medium
Breast Size: Medium
Height: 172 cm (5'7")

Have a nice day my lovers! #BisForBianca

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adrian / Адриан  7/1/2015

@freirebianca lindo día

Bianca Freire  7/1/2015

@brutalisko thanks, you too baby :*

Passion Play !!!!!  4/26/2018

@Breezin12 How so very Lovely you are my Dear!! I hope we can become very good friends, Leading to a Lovely romance. I am so enamoured by you Bianca !! Please know my intentions are true and trustworthy. I would like for you to know my history sweetheart!! Please follow!!! xoxoxo

Passion Play !!!!!  5/7/2018

My heart melts every time I see you Love !! <3 <3 U Always !!!

Jim Schroud  7/1/2015

@freirebianca Too hot to handle!

Estebantv77  7/1/2015

@freirebianca my is so nice to start the day looking at a nice picture of you.

john steven hurst  7/1/2015

@freirebianca -absolutely lovely have a very wonderful day your simply marvelous

Виталий Ткаченко  7/5/2015

@freirebianca @loretto5000 krasivo

Shemale   Passion  1/18/2016

@freirebianca you are the most beautiful girl in the world! 😍😍

Herbert Karven  6/7/2016

Wish I was

Robert Weasley  7/1/2015

@freirebianca I eat all with caramel

George Whittle  7/28/2015

@freirebianca wow, so sexy

eduardo grcia  8/10/2015

@freirebianca so much time that i havent notice from you still beauty

Sexy Angel69   8/15/2015

@freirebianca estoy enamorado de ti :$

riccardo galentino  8/31/2015

@freirebianca bella