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daisy taylor


✨TransAngels Contract Star ✨ Official +18 💋

Aka: HereOnNeptune
Country: United States
Location: California, USA
Date of Birth: 27 May 1997
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Ethnicity: Mixed Race
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Penis Size: Medium
Breast Size: Medium
Height: 178 cm (5'10")
Website: click here

hi all. i have a new lingerie haul up on my @OnlyFans give a watch, at least i think i’m funny🤷🏻‍♀️

Monroe  9/10/2019

You are so beautiful 😍🥰

 Hallowed Mother Kos    9/10/2019


 Alexa Scout   9/10/2019

😂😂😂 omg the faces ❤️

Laxe Loray  9/10/2019

Stunning 🥰😘😍

BrokenMan69  9/10/2019

Love you Daisy , you are barking mad 😁

Kato Lui  9/11/2019

You are funny

kostiaboyko  9/11/2019

Little mermaid!

QueenSheridan  9/20/2019

I love you :) you’re perfection

Loser Load  9/20/2019

i fallowed Her because You do my Queen

Tango F  9/10/2019

Dead ringer for Monica Bellucci with that wig. This is a good thing.

Sasha  9/10/2019

funny and sensual!

mysissylife25  9/11/2019

You are tooo cute 😍❤

PanBlackMan  9/10/2019


James Casaubon  9/10/2019

And the Oscar ... for Daisy, hey no manches, it was super fun baby soon we'll see you on some netflix series or something. A natural gift for sexy comedy ...

Not a burner account      9/10/2019


Comar Nitoan Mezgo Nezjemi  9/10/2019

You like me, soo much!!!😍

 Sgt. Miles' Army   9/10/2019


ScouseTop  9/10/2019

Id love to get drunk with you alls we would do is laugh, i think your funny 😁