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Joy Valentine


18+ NSFW Gamer, trans-girl, streamer, zombie killer, world savior, model, amateur pole pixie. Wishlist:

Country: United States
Location: New England
Date of Birth: 9 February
Place of Birth: Connecticut
Ethnicity: White
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Varies / Changing
Penis Size: Medium
Breast Size: Natural
Website: Grooby Girls

Holy shit, you guys. I just baked 24 dozen cookies(more in oven). I feel like I maxed out cooking this afternoon.

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𝓟𝓱𝓸𝓽𝓸𝓷𝓲𝓬  12/2/2018

going to assume you made these naked in an apron because I am a basic hentai protag also nj 😉

Joy Valentine  12/2/2018

But of course! With accompanying flour handprint on my ass. 🍑

Alex/Rikkil Starseed  12/1/2018

Omg! You're on fire with that, can I get some? They look so good

K_gall  12/2/2018

can i come visit? wife material

TommySko  12/3/2018

Fuckin a, I see but tarts, cherry winks, thumb print, and looks like the penut butter one with the kiss on top. I bake almost the same cookies

RollTideSissy  12/6/2018

Thumbprint cookies are simply the best!❤

El burro loco  12/1/2018

Please express me some!

DollyLlama12  4/25/2019

Should have filled some cookies with sperm I'd eat them 😁😁