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Kira Crash


(+18) Lewd model & entertainer. Formerly known as Sativa. Booking: [email protected]

Aka: Sativa, Philadelphia's Finest
Country: United States
Date of Birth: 28 October 1994
Place of Birth: Pennsylvania
Ethnicity: White
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Penis Size: Medium
Breast Size: Natural
Website: Grooby Girls

Feelin' Good on @GroobyGirls @BuddyWood1

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Mark  3/7/2018

you are such a beauty, Kira

Valerie Paige  3/7/2018

And lookin' good as well 🖤

STAR VENUS LUX  3/7/2018

you are perfect

Ben Mckenzie  3/7/2018

Absolutely stunning 😍

William Steer  3/7/2018

Yums 😍😍😍

Toruk Maktu  3/7/2018

i wnna lick 😍😊😘

Andy_Mcc  3/9/2018

your alive ! where you been?

Jay Decay  4/14/2018

Krazy-K  4/19/2018

Ur hot

Dixon Wilson  12/30/2018

How can you be so beautiful?!😍

Katie Nova  8/12/2019

You so beautiful Kira. Katie 😘

JKF011  10/24/2019


Randy Johnson  3/7/2018

Yum yum

Derrick Anders  3/8/2018

Oh my god can we date? lmao

Dan Mitchell  3/8/2018

beautiful <3

Werewolf13  3/8/2018

Look'n good, too