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Melody Maine


18+ only. Trans Cam Girl, ManyVids Chaturbate,

Country: Canada
Date of Birth: 20 April 1994
Place of Birth: Vancouver
Ethnicity: White
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Penis Size: Medium
Breast Size: Natural
Height: 188 cm (6'2")
Website: click here
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Time to show the twins off😘 What do you think boys? Retweet and like if you enjoy them☺️

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Online now! Come check out my new boobs ;)

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Heyy boyss! Guess who's back with two big surprises 😉☺️ Camming regularly again soon^.^ Retweet 4 me babes 😘

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Feeling real pretty today 😊💋♥️

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My friend drew me naked and I love it! I'll credit her if she ever makes a Twitter.

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My new set for CanadaTGirl is now out! Here's a little preview for you 😘 You can check it out here >> <<

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Making my CumBack this Friday! I'll be live on Chaturbate Friday & Saturday! I've missed you guys, can't wait to have more fun with you ^.^

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Thank you all for being so patient! I swear I'm coming back soon I promise 😘♥️

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My boobs are growing thought I'd share with you 😘 I can't wait until I can afford a boob job though!

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Sorry I've disappeared for awhile life has been crazy. Postive things are happening and I'll be back doing cam shows come September!! 😘❤️

Rocking out in my underwear 😎 My boobs totally giggle now 🙊♥️

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I miss you guys! I will be back to work soon enough. I'm feeling pretty today so here's a selfie 😊😘♥️

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Until I can back on Cam check out my Manyvids!! Preview from my first photo set. Many more to come <3 @TgirlPromo1 @EliteCamBot5 …

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Wow!! I jumped 250 follower in less than 2 days! Here's a preview from my recent Photo Set to show my love 😘 Now let's break a 1000! <3