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Sarina Valentina


Aka: Alexis, Alexis Sage, Alexis Sharp
Country: United States
Date of Birth: 8 October 1988
Place of Birth: Philadelphia, PA
Ethnicity: White
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Varies / Changing
Penis Size: Small
Breast Size: Big
Height: 168 cm (5'6")
Website: click here

People are so mean. 😢

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Jessy Dubai official (18+)  5/11/2019

Pay no attention. His opinion of you is just a reflection of himself

Jacob May  5/11/2019

That's true

IG: tsRavenBabe    5/11/2019

Misery loves company. Pay him no mind, you’re amazing 💕

Forboston  5/12/2019

Those messages say a lot about the writer and nothing about you. You're awesome and should keep being your awesome self

 Alex   5/11/2019

It's always someone who can''t spell properly.

 Hallowed Mother Kos    5/11/2019

he obviously doesn't have eyes

Porn Freak  5/11/2019

Don’t listen to people like that ❤️

Scarlett Pixl     5/12/2019

To hell with that guy! *Hugs*

Emily Rose  5/12/2019

Someone did almost this same thing to me yesterday... it’s wild that anyone would ever try to go out of their way to negitively affect someone... never let an uneducated arragant and ignorant human have any infiltration in your lifeee your far too amazing for it <3

 Bella Marascalco  “GROOBELLA DEVILLE”  5/13/2019

Prolly some Dweeb that Sarina had rejected and now he has to “retaliate”.

Sparta44no  5/11/2019

They can’t take away your dignity hon 🍾🌹😘

Mematt14369  5/11/2019

He's just pissed he will never know a woman as beautiful as yourself inside and out!! Sending tons of posotivity your way!!

Nicole  5/11/2019

Only god can judge you beautiful

Gerald Lloyd  5/11/2019

F!! Dem trolls!!!

_chastity_lover  5/11/2019

Such an animal doesn’t deserve the attention of a beautiful princess like you 😘✨👸🏼✨🌹

Stoned Artist  5/12/2019

I'm not! I love your content and find you beautiful inside and out

Grinder0420  5/12/2019

💔 the internet has some of the darkest most disturbing people who try to make the world as ugly as they are. BUT the internet also has beautiful kind sweet souls who sparkle & are full of light. You are a beautiful rainbow Sarina, keep shining sweetheart. Love you always 🌈

Roger Smith  5/12/2019

Dear Sarina I would still be proud to meet you face to face and walk beside you down main street here in Pa You are one of Gods children and you are loved

SAAndrew  5/12/2019

that person has issues that have nothing to do with you....he/she means nothing. find peace, happiness, surround yourself with people who care for you (the real you.... not your stage persona)