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[18+] Trans girl, porn star, anal size queen and all around filthy piggy.

Aka: Natalie Love, Natalie Loves Cum
Country: United States
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Date of Birth: 3 February 1984
Place of Birth: Little Rock, Arkansas
Ethnicity: White
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Varies / Changing
Penis Size: Medium
Breast Size: Small
Height: 170 cm (5'6")
Website: click here

Some photos from the @Pornhub Awards @Brazzers afterparty. It was a night to remember!

Natalie Mars @ EXXXOTICA NJ 1183569040448425984-0 Natalie Mars @ EXXXOTICA NJ 1183569040448425984-1 Natalie Mars @ EXXXOTICA NJ 1183569040448425984-2 Natalie Mars @ EXXXOTICA NJ 1183569040448425984-3
Dresden     10/14/2019

Those kisses all over you face Nat omg 💋💋💋

Natalie Mars  10/14/2019

haha 🥰

 Hallowed Mother Kos    10/14/2019

god im SO IN LOVE with that second shot, you two are such a jaw dropping couple 🖤

تولي شيميل middle east transgenger  10/14/2019

I wish i was her ☹️❤️

Caroline Peach  10/14/2019

You are absolutely gorgeous every single time you take a photo.

 Marty   10/14/2019

Natalie you’re my hero

Faerie God-Mother  10/14/2019

Trans femme goals, but better? X3

Lord Loki's Theater of Mischief  10/14/2019

Her hand on your neck <3

 Jade Lussuria   10/14/2019

That collar 💕

Slutty slave (open dms)  10/14/2019

You all look amazing

Not Your Average Liberal  10/14/2019

Absolutely stunning my inspiring friend

John Taylor  10/14/2019

Nice pictures

El gato rafa  10/14/2019

Estoy Aquí esperando por un gangbang con ustedes.....

Ray Antsuvi  10/14/2019


Alex  10/14/2019

you really do look so beautiful there :)

Brian West  10/14/2019

A night to remember? Certainly looked that way.

Quintus Trente  10/14/2019

Vous êtes simplement magnifique Je te souhaite beaucoup de bonheur Natalie

Sarah Maria  10/14/2019

I loved your dress

Hornet on Main  10/14/2019

Damn y’all look so good together. Wow...