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Former TEA award-winning adult film actress, villain, biker, wine snob, sassy bi trans chick, survivor.

Aka: Sasha Skyes
Country: United States
Date of Birth: 31 March 1994
Place of Birth: Russian Federation
Ethnicity: White
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Penis Size: Medium
Breast Size: Small
Height: 185 cm (6'0")
Website: Grooby Girls

Seriously fuck my nightmares.

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Cassidy Quinn (18+)  6/7/2018

I really would love to come spend some time over with youu soon =3

Sveta  6/7/2018

Let's plan it soon dear :)

Звено в сердцах  6/8/2018

Okay, as horrible as it was, that's one nightmare worth doing something with. You can get one hell of a horror story out of it, especially if it ends the same way the dream ended. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of Stephen King's short stories were based on his own nightmares.

Sveta  6/8/2018

I recently started a dream journal so that's a start.