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Annabelle Lane


Aka: Annabelle
Country: United States
Location: Hollywood, Los Angeles
Date of Birth: 22 June
Place of Birth: Idaho
Ethnicity: White
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Penis Size: Medium
Breast Size: Medium
Height: 173 cm (5'8")
Website: click here

I miss having a daddy. Who wants to help me. I’m a full time student paying Hollywood rent and full time caretaker of my brother who has aspergers 😊 life’s weird

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john steven hurst  7/12/2019

=never give up on seeking help for yourself but as i read the whole tweet i see hear a young lady taht has become powerful tenacious keen confident clever charming courageous who has a self-esteem tahts outstanding never forget the tide will turn it cant be high always champ

Annabelle Lane  7/12/2019

Thank you for your kind words ♥️

Bellazzzio   7/12/2019

How is it living with Asperger?

Annabelle Lane  7/12/2019

Rough. He gets upset over very small things, talks to himself a lot, makes noises, can’t maintain a job. It’s been really stressful financially but there’s nothing I wouldnt do for family

xxxx  7/12/2019

so sexy😍😍😍😍

Royal  7/13/2019

what about new scenes !!

luster  7/13/2019

If only I were rich...

Gerald Sanders  7/13/2019

I want to if I can just see you naked all the time.

javahouse  7/13/2019

Hmmm 🤔🤔. Ok. I’ll do it.

Whocares2018  7/14/2019

Then stop looking for a daddy and look for a solid man who will love you for you, and the fact you take care of your brother.

N P  7/14/2019

Skip the daddy and don't settle for anything but a good man. What are you studying?

Larnaca  7/15/2019

write me

Jim case  7/25/2019

I’d be a great man for you. I’d love to even marry you one day

Jared Pope  9/23/2019

DM me