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Carla Brasil


The official Twitter account from the well known Transsexual Carla Brasil. #tscarlabrasil #ts #shemale #travesti #braziliants #tranny #transe #shecock

Location: Worldwide
Place of Birth: Brazil
Ethnicity: Latina
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Penis Size: Big
Breast Size: Medium
Website: click here

Fucking in missionary position and from the side. Which one do you like better? Coming to New York next week. I got your emails and will answer as soon as I get there 😉 #shemale #transe #shecock #brazilianshemales #braziliants #bigcocktranny #bigcock

J.B  8/23/2019


Yayayaya  7/26/2019

I prefer missionary when a woman fucks me cause I love staring at her beautiful eyes and I can see her facial expression when she penetrates me. And love when she bends down to kiss me. But she can fuck me any position she wants since she's the top and I have to submit to her

Xavi787  7/27/2019

Did someone steel your phone. Got tricked in miami.

Carla Brasil  7/28/2019

There are lots of fakes using my pictures in America. Did she have any video confirming the number?

Jonna Dick  7/26/2019

As long as you're doing it baby it doesn't matter LOL

T.R. Gibson  7/26/2019

Wish you'd come to Philadelphia

Tanya  8/28/2019

Missionary It's better eye on eye

ig  8/28/2019


Rock the Party  7/26/2019

You r so Hot