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Michelle Firestone


TS Pornstar / Webcam Model

Country: United States
Location: Skype - possessedprincess
Date of Birth: 21 October 1991
Place of Birth: Akron, Ohio
Ethnicity: White
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Penis Size: Big
Breast Size: Small
Height: 182 cm (5'11")

Natural hair

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Richard Burns  10/13/2019

I don't know why, but I was distracted by the stock keyboard and mouse ha ha

Michelle Firestone  10/13/2019

Peripherals frequently get ruined by various fluids during live shows. I used to have this dope wireless handheld one but everyone thought it was a phone or videogame which led them to believe I was ignoring them during shows. Really disappointed me bc I thought ppl would love it

DIEZEL DIAMOND  10/12/2019


Wakamda  10/13/2019

Wow finally a pic ... You are phenomenal my queen

Michelle Firestone  10/13/2019

You have to go away to come back

shemale love  10/12/2019


Gerry Long  10/12/2019

Fire Princess is correct!

Zoltán Péter  10/12/2019


Bishibosh  10/12/2019

You're a goddess 😍

sinbadly  10/13/2019

Always beautiful and always a favorite 😍

LovingthoseShemales  10/13/2019

Love it

Dana Lauren  10/13/2019

There you are ... where have you been? or maybe, it's where have I NOT been ... beautiful, Michelle ... love the long natural locks ...

alexis2000    10/13/2019

Come back more often please.

TRAJAN  10/13/2019


TRAJAN  10/13/2019


Kat  10/15/2019

Are you back Michelle?

Plamen  10/21/2019