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Michelle Firestone


TS Pornstar / Webcam Model

Country: United States
Location: Skype - possessedprincess
Date of Birth: 21 October 1991
Place of Birth: Akron, Ohio
Ethnicity: White
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Penis Size: Big
Breast Size: Small
Height: 182 cm (5'11")

I ❤️ having my ass worshipped

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Mandy Mitchell  9/1/2016

@TonyOrlandoxxx You are gorgeous in these shots. :)

Michelle Firestone  9/1/2016

Thanks Mandy! 💋

TonyOrlando  7/1/2018

My happy place

Michelle Firestone  7/1/2018

Lmao 😜

TonyOrlando  9/1/2016

seriously Fun Shoot I love worshipping that ass😘😘😘

TonyOrlando  9/1/2016

latex clad body so hot

Ray Stewart  9/1/2016

@TonyOrlandoxxx I worship everyday

Brian Baldwin  9/4/2016

@TonyOrlandoxxx would love to be him

TGirl Pantyhose  7/19/2017

this is one of my fav videos ;)

David Alcoutim  8/22/2017

In love!

john   12/13/2017

oh yes that's fantastic thats the place for us under the Princess

mark  3/13/2018

Lucky slave Mistress FirePrincess i would love to be Your facesitslave every day

Kis Zoltán  4/8/2018

so marvellous:)

Clitty Robinson  9/1/2016

i love worshipping ass n t cock

George Gaynor  9/1/2016

I would love to do that for you sometime.

Alman New  9/2/2016

Lovely! xxx

dead now  10/8/2016

he's lucky

Adonis 66  10/15/2016

i love

Tony  1/3/2017

im more than willing

i love yemen  5/1/2017

follow me

cymidd  6/15/2017

Hello you

sissy Samantha  7/22/2017

Love to worship your fine ass

grant  5/3/2018

In this video you remind me a lot like Eva Green, absolutely gorgeous!