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Sienna Grace


Dreamer/ Empath/ Life Artist

Country: United States
Date of Birth: 23 January 1989
Place of Birth: Bakersfield, California
Ethnicity: White
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Penis Size: Big
Breast Size: Medium
Height: 170 cm (5'6")

I'm still alive, just been fighting depression. I will never leave you guys!!! I love you all so much!

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jimmy.w.  9/17/2016

Love you Sienna. Fellow Mustang driver.

William Roth  9/17/2016

Hello sweetheart. I am 60 yo guy, clinically depressed virtually all of my life, & u r a doll & meant to be here. Stay w/ us love.

Chris Meek    9/16/2016

I love you Sienna Keep Your Head up girl you are a Beautiful person with a good heart <3

john steven hurst  9/16/2016

=just keep fighting never quit you have steadfast tenacity faith rock it invincible lady

Protibus  9/16/2016

Be happy!!!

Dreena  9/16/2016

hope u feel better!

Protibus  9/16/2016

Happy and beautiful

studentper  9/16/2016

be well. Be healthy. We miss you.

medic man  9/16/2016

Welcome back beautiful. Great to see you.

Dungeon Master  9/16/2016

and we love you

ray carter  9/16/2016

miss you on CB you are loved out here!!!!

dsm1  9/16/2016

And we love you Sienna!!!

fred toler  9/16/2016

glad you're back just stay beautiful

Tomarcus Washington  9/16/2016

we love u right back

Jtred83  9/16/2016

I hope you get better and that the people in your life can help you.

frank  9/16/2016


jeffrey wilson  9/16/2016

we love you too!!

DARK MASS 666  9/16/2016

we love you right back Sienna!

Just Steve K  9/16/2016

me too, been out of sorts the last few days

Chorluap  9/16/2016

we love you from Turkey 👏🏻

Jake Flach  9/16/2016

Sorry to hear that Sienna. The 'Black Dog' is horrible. Try and keep your head up. Remember people do care about you xxx xxx

Danni_D  9/16/2016

Beautiful! Keep smiling.

Daniel  9/16/2016

glad your feelin better!

  Misty’s Ghost    9/16/2016

Best of luck! My depression came back too :S Not a fun time.

LovetheLadies!!  9/16/2016

take care of your self sweetie. Enjoy a night under the stars...fresh air and exercise always helps me

Cool Dark Angel  9/16/2016

A never ending battle. Sending nice thoughts and big hugs x

Max Hill  9/16/2016

Nice to see you smiling, enjoy your life, beauty!

Andy Stockall  9/16/2016

Be well angel :)

Matty1983  9/16/2016

love you beautiful lady! Sending lots of prayers your way as you fight this depression. Know that we love and adore you!

kevin haugen  9/17/2016

your just to cool to leave us and if i may say quite sexy