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Sienna Grace


Dreamer/ Empath/ Life Artist

Country: United States
Date of Birth: 23 January 1989
Place of Birth: Bakersfield, California
Ethnicity: White
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Penis Size: Big
Breast Size: Medium
Height: 170 cm (5'6")

for those of you who don't know what's going on, i'm currently in philadelphia recovering from surgery.

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Roger  7/25/2017

I'm from Philly get well soon hope you get the chance to enjoy our city!

Sienna Grace  7/25/2017

not really the place for me, but please don't be offended...there's just no place like home (i'm an introvert)

Mick  7/25/2017

I'm in Philly 😎🎸

Sienna Grace  7/25/2017

lol bring me weed! please of course! XD

Buulecoom  7/25/2017

Is this a post-op pic???

Darlene   7/25/2017

Yayyyyy!!! I'm sooooo happy for you!!!!!!!!!! I hope you aren't in too much pain!

Lorin E. Fields Jr.  7/25/2017

get well soon so you can get back to driving those stangs 👌

JM Productions  7/25/2017

Get well soon

Danika coy  7/25/2017

All I can say to that my pet is hope all is well and congrats on finally getting your srs

Erin Silence  7/25/2017

Wait did you have GRS?!?! If you did so jelly 😍😍😍