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Yasmin Lee 18+


Yasmin is a porn goddess, model, and actress.

Aka: Nohealani, Yasmine Lee
Country: Thailand
Location: Hollywood, CA
Date of Birth: 3 June 1984
Place of Birth: Thailand
Ethnicity: Asian
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Penis Size: Big
Breast Size: Medium
Height: 180 cm (5'10")

RT! Crazy hot fuck. Was tearing up this virgin when my 18 year old boy from london FaceTime me. I made him watch and stroke his cock to learn how to be a bottom slut. I fucked this guy all kinds of sideways before I shoot the biggest load in his ass. Full video exclusively at…

Greeneyedtslover  7/8/2019

This is so freaking hot Yas!

alan nelson  7/9/2019

Very beautiful

ChuckBA&OC  7/9/2019

Me next! Love to have you sensually top me for my birthday!

ChuckBA&OC  7/9/2019

I know you hear this a lot but you are gorgeous! I really hope we get to connect especially since my birthday is this month.

grooby girl lover  7/8/2019

Omg Yasmin when’s my turn ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Mr. FetishPlus  7/8/2019

Lucky boys

sebastian  7/8/2019

God, you’re killing me! 😘

Medo 88  7/8/2019

Love u

marco19  7/8/2019

what a goddesses

Steve Phoenix     7/8/2019

Crimson Kiss  7/8/2019

Oh yes 😍😈

W  7/8/2019

Lucky guy......😎

Dame chocha  7/8/2019

Quiero sentir uno así

Frank Roberts  7/8/2019

simply wonderful

Noel Joe thornton  7/8/2019

ohhh my Yasmin so hot pic of the creampie would be nice 😏😍😘

suuraj khaan  7/8/2019

love yasmin🌷

london!  7/8/2019

Jheeze want this to be me @TSYasmin

Awesomedirtyoldman  7/8/2019

That's the dream

EricNYC80  7/8/2019

This was a fantastic video.

charlesn chan  7/8/2019

I so wish that was me